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Oracle Card Readings 

• Would you like to find out what your Soul Desires right now?

• Take Action, begin Healing,

• Believe in the Energy, Delight in Awakening.

• Take a Leadership role in your future, let your Essence Shine with Gratitude and Grace.


Create your Sanctuary now, start the Voyage to your Soul’s Success. Soul Coaching Oracle Card Readings
can facilitate your awareness of the messages your soul is trying to communicate to you. These services are offered on-line in written format for your benefit so you may save and review readings and images.

See my Certified Oracle Card Reader webpage at


One Card Reading $11 – One Card Reading will align you to the quality your Soul wishes you to focus on right now. One Card Readings are perfect for personal daily guidance.


Two Card Reading $22 – Two Card Reading can help focus when you are faced with a decision and have two paths available to you. Designating a card for each option, the cards will reveal which option will serve your highest good at this point.


Half Hour Reading $55 - 30 minute Card Readings are offered for Spiritual Counseling, to assist when seeking to heal a challenge or blockage in your life. The reading will focus in on the area in need of attention and how to reach the most positive outcome. Three Card Layouts are also beneficial for: Body, Mind and Spirit; Decisions; In-Depth Overview of question/situation; Finding/Strengthening Relationships; Current
and Near Future Paths.   Four Card Readings can assist in honing into the right path when you are faced with multiple options. Designating a card for each path, the cards will reveal what will serve your highest good.
A four card reading can also be done to assess your assets and abilities.


Hour Reading $90  - Options for Readings: Five Card Reading will connect you to the messages of your Spirit Guides. Glimpse what messages your Spirit Guides and Ancestors have for you. Five Card Readings
can also be done for Monthly Insights, Life Purpose, and What Direction to take now.  Seven Card Spreads
are beneficial for Animal Communication; Chakras, weekly layouts, Abundance and Love. Find out how
your pet is feeling, what they want you to know, how their health is and what they want right now.


Medicine Wheel Reading $150 - The Medicine Wheel One Year Spread gives you a forecast for the

upcoming 12 months.  Great tool for Birthdays and special events!

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