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Laura Carucci Presents
Healing from the Inside Out


Welcome to Zenmetry (Zen-me-tre), by Laura Carucci, CIAP, RMT,
accessing enlightenment, peace and beauty through a balanced pysche and environment. 


Zenmetry offers services including

•Feng Shui

•Reiki, Rocks



Reawaken your Soul’s desires. Remember the simplicity, playfulness, wonder and joy of your youth.

Recaputure your passion, enthusiasm and pleasure for life. Stand in your truth with strength and wisdom. Take action, begin healing, embrace the energy, surrender your fears and delight in the adventure. Have faith in your power!

Let your essence shine with beauty and grace. Create your sanctuary now. Live in a supportive, nurturing and restorative environment, immersing you in peace and tranquility, and emerge to your Soul’s Success.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve!

Join me Sundays 6 p.m. EST  Each show we discuss how to incorporate Rocks and Crystals for powerful Feng Shui  enhancements! 


Now offering hypnosis services for health, relaxation, weight loss, goal setting, sports enhancements and more.  Healing from the Inside Out utilizing this service along with a Feng Shui consult to create the perfect environment for your success!


When you enter your home do you feel relaxed and comfortable? If not, you may benefit from a Feng Shui consultation or Space Clearing Ceremony.  Check out my page at


Moving to a new home or office? You may want to consider a Blessing Ceremony to thank your space and release your energy so it is an inviting space for the new occupants. Also a Blessing Ceremony to welcome you to your new space and set your intentions for peace, love, health and abundance.


Are there any rooms in your house or office that just don’t “feel” right? Do you believe you are expending more energy than you are receiving when interacting with others? If so, there may be an imbalance of energies at play.


Zenmetry offers a synergistic blend of holistic modalities to clients, enabling a truly unique and individualized experience. Utilizing Reiki; Feng Shui; Hypnosis, The Sacred Stone School Foundation Treatment, Energy Balancing with the Frequency of Stones; Chakra Balancing and Auric Cleansing; Space Clearing; Blessing Ceremonies and Soul Couching Oracle Card Readings to create the prefect receipt to your Soul’s success. Visit My Certified Oracle Card Reader webpage.


So whether you are seeking holistic services for yourself, your loved ones, beloved pets, your home or office environment, we will blend our services to empower you to achieve your desired goals.  Offering Reiki and Long Distance (Remote) Reiki for you and your four legged friends.  Along with being a Reiki Mater Teacher I am a Rocks & Reiki Master and also Certified in Animal Reiki. I personally blend IA Rock Recipes for specific individual goals to manifest and support the positive changes you are seeking now!  Stones are cleansed, infused and activated in a Sacred Space.  Each ingredient is handpicked with a unique blend for your specific needs, goals and desires!  Each pouch contains a detailed personalized list of stones, their specific metaphysical properties for your goals and how to care for, cleanse and re-charge the stones to continue with their optimal pure energy!


As a Rocks & Reiki Master I now am offering The Ultimate Relaxation Treatment including Hands on Healer, Foundation Treatment ,The Rock Girl® and The Rock Girl® Rocks & Reiki for Relaxation, $250. Recently added options are The Rock Girl® Rocks & Reiki for Meditation and The Rock Girl® Rocks & Reiki for Manifestation.  Each service offering a secret blend of sacred stones activated and attuned to enhance the benefits of the Reiki for each specific  goal.  Feel the potency of Reiki with the sacred healing rocks placed on and under you. All rocks are from The Rock Girl® original stock. They have never been in general circulation and were specifically chosen as healing tools.  Begin your journey with a Reiki program now.  Gift Certificates are available for all services. 


Rookkeeping 101,  learn the A, B, Cs of rockkeeping to keep your rocks happy, healthy and potent.  We will discuss techniques for proper care and placement of rocks.  You are free to bring your special rocks to class.  Check back for upcoming dates in 2014. Class is from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Cost of class is $50.  Pre-registration is required.  Reserve your seat today. To pre-register Book Online


Cleansing Calcites, discover the qualities, healing properties and uses for Calcites. These gentle, but efficient, cleansers can be used in your environment to help dissolve blockages, old patterns and self-limiting beliefs.  How are they created?  Does their origin matter?  How to choose the right one for you?  These and many other topics will be discussed in class.  You are free to bring your favorite calcites.    Check back for upcoming dates in 2014.  Class is from 12 noon to 3 p.m.  Cost of class is $50.  Pre-registration is required.  Reserve your seat today.  To pre-register Book Online


Reiki I, Discover the history and magic of Reiki.  What is Reiki?  How can I benefit from it? This is a beginner’s Reiki Level I class.  Day One is a lecture on the history, rediscovery and magic of Reiki.  We will also introduce and practice proper hand positions.
Day Two is spent practicing and mastering the proper hand positions for self-Reiki.  Upon successful completion attendees will be attuned to Reiki I. Class is a Two Day Session from 12 noon to 5 p.m.  Check back for upcoming dates in 2014. Cost of class is $250.00.  Pre-registration is required.  Reserve your seat today.  To pre-register Book Online

All services and classes are located at 344 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07663.

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